Bachelor's Degree Program Admission Prospectus - Business Administration instructed in English (BBA)



The Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Administration instructed in English (the BBA program) is a comprehensive undergraduate program regularly updated to provide students with the latest concepts and ideas in management education. The program offers students systematic theories and scientific training, enabling them to acquire valuable skills through teamwork, activities, seminars, and research. As a result, program graduates gain a solid foundation of knowledge in management, accounting, operations, human resources, and other essential business areas. This prepares them to be competent in positions related to setting up human resource policies, managing operations, and organizing a company's management structure.



This program aims to develop students with innovative and practical skills, a strong sense of social responsibility, a global perspective, an entrepreneurial mindset, a solid foundation in multidisciplinary theories of management and economics, expertise in modern business management, entrepreneurship theories & practices, and the ability to learn independently and think critically.

Program graduates are also expected to have a good understanding of the laws and policies of China, appreciate Chinese customs and culture, and possess knowledge of the mainstream values and public morality of Chinese society.



The standard study duration is four academic years (eight semesters), and the maximum is six academic years, including study suspension and enrollment retention.



Enterprise Management Decision-Making Simulation, Quality Control, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Operation Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory & Design, Operation and Management of Multinational Corporations, Comprehensive Chinese, HSK Enhancement, Chinese Culture, China Panorama.



Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Within their duration of study, program students are required to complete all the courses specified in the curriculum. They must also fulfill the necessary credits for various types of courses, meet the minimum graduation credit requirements (120 credits), and attain at least HSK-4 Level Chinese competence. Qualified graduates can apply for a Bachelor's Degree in Management in accordance with NUFE Bachelor’s Degree Awarding Rules.



For program curriculum and specific credit requirements, please see:   BBA Curriculum.xlsx .



Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and in good health.

Applicants have to be less than 24 years old when applying.

Applicants must own a high school diploma or Level-3 course certificate (or higher) under the ISCED 2011 standard of UNESCO.

The average score of the corresponding study has to be 75 (out of 100) or 3 (out of 4), 3.5 (out of 5), or above.

Applicants are competent to study in English.

Applicants must have sufficient financial support for their studies and life in China.



Bachelor's Degree Programs: 17000 CNY/Academic Year

Accommodation: twin room 4000 CNY/Academic Year (The dormitory is unavailable during winter and summer vacations for maintenance purposes.)

Mandatory Insurance: 600 CNY/Academic Year

Refundable Dormitory Deposit: 1000 CNY at check-in

Non-refundable Application Fee: 400 CNY, this application fee will offset the 400 CNY accommodation fee for the next academic year once you are admitted and have arrived at NUFE (see the application fee payment tutorial:  Application Fee Payment.pdf).

NUFE only charges tuition and accommodation fees. International students must also pay for textbooks, health checkups, visa applications, and residence permit applications after arrival.



International student dorms of NUFE are suites composed of 2-3 twin rooms, which means 4-6 students live in a suite (most are 2 twin-room suites). Single rooms are not available. All the students who live on campus must obey NUFE's accommodation arrangement.

For more details, please check



NUFE offers a performance-based scholarship system for the BBA program students. Newly admitted students can’t join scholarship competitions in the first year as they don’t have any performance records at NUFE. However, from the second year, they can apply for the NUFE Scholarship (the Academic Scholarship and the Special Scholarship) and Government Scholarship seats with their performance in the previous year. These scholarship competitions are held annually throughout the remaining three years of the BBA program.

Students who graduate from the Chinese Preparatory Program of NUFE and are applying for the BBA program can apply for the NUFE Scholarship (the Freshmen Scholarship) for the first year of the program with their performances in the previous preparatory program.

For more information on the policy and assessment of the NUFE Scholarship and Government Scholarship, please visit the webpage at



Applicants should submit applications and required documents using NUFE's Online Application System. When you start your application in the system, please select "Bachelor's Degree Programs Instructed in English", then choose "Business Administration Instructed in English" and click "Apply Now". NUFE Admission Officers will release admission updates and feedback in the system, so we suggest all applicants log in to the system frequently to follow up on updates in time.




1. Passport Personal Information Page.

The expiration date has to be later than September 30, 2025.

2. Highest Diploma / Degree Obtained.

Please submit the highest diploma / degree you have obtained. If you are a graduating student, please add a graduating certificate issued by your current school or institution indicating the expected time of graduation.

3. Academic Transcript

The transcript corresponds to your highest diploma / degree. If you are a graduating student, please add the transcript issued by your current school or institution.

4. Curriculum Vitae / Personal Resume

Please design your C.V. in your fashion and include your permanent contact information, education experiences, work/internship experiences, awards, etc.

5. A Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter issued by the teacher of your current school or institution.

6. Certificate of No-Criminal Conviction

Non-criminal records issued by local law enforcement authorities.

7. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Please finish the required checkup terms set by the form and have the form stamped by the medical institution. The form template is accessible in the Online Application System.

8. Bank Statement

The balance or deposit should be more than 3,000 USD or equivalence.

9. Achievements, Merits, Awards, or Skill References (If Available)

If you have any previous achievements, awards, or skill certificates, please submit them.

10. Foreign Language Certificates

Please submit your test reports if you have taken language tests like HSK, IELTS or TOEFL. If the instruction language of your high school is English, please submit relevant reference. Applicants without English competence reference (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc) will be subject to further English interviews.

11. Guardian Power of Attorney (for Minor Applicants Only)

If you are under 18 years old when applying, please submit the letter issued by your guardian, which appoints an acting guardian in China with their ID and signatures appended.

12. Study-in-China Relevant Documents (If Available)

If you have any study experience in China, please submit the corresponding transcript and graduation certificate issued by the Chinese university or institution.

13. Chinese Visas (If Available)

Please submit relevant visas or residence permits if you have visited or lived in China.

14. Employment Certificate (If Available)

If you have any jobs after graduation, please submit relevant employment certificates.

15. Additional Documents Required for Admissions

Our admission officers may require additional documents if necessary.



The deadline for program applications is June 15, 2024, and please have all the required documents submitted in the system before the deadline. The last batch of admissions will be released no later than June 30, 2024.



As a secular university, NUFE doesn't permit religious activities on our campus. Halal meals are available in the canteen on the 2nd floor of the Dongyuan Dining Hall.

Please let our admission officers know if you have any archery expertise (Olympic recurve bow, compound bow, or traditional archery).



Contact our admission officers at