南京财经大学2024年外国留学生中文预科项目招生简章 / Chinese Preparatory Program (1+4 Program) 2024 Admission Prospectus



Since Feb. 2023, most previous entry bans on international students to China have been lifted. We are thrilled to announce that the admitted students of the Chinese Preparatory Program of 2024 are going to have offline classes on campus next September. For the visa application details, please check the Orientation & Arrival Column or consult overseas Chinese embassies and consulates.

Though most mandatory containment measures have been removed, we advocate a culture of shared responsibility that everyone has to take action to protect himself and others. It is the responsibility of every NUFE student to take public health measures and personal behavioral modifications, including but not limited to signing behavioral agreements, getting vaccinated, getting quarantined, virus screening, wearing masks, physical distancing, keeping hygiene, daily health check, avoiding non-essential trips and campus de-densification.


The Chinese Preparatory Program (1+4 Program) is NUFE's flagship program offered to international applicants, which combines a one-year intensive Chinese language preparatory program and a four-year Bachelor's Degree program instructed in Chinese. This program is designed for overseas high school graduates or undergraduates who would like to learn the Chinese language and a business-related Bachelor's Degree program instructed in Chinese. International students are scheduled to take intensive Chinese training in one academic year and are required to pass the HSK-4 test. Having passed the interview and comprehensive selection organized by NUFE, qualified graduates can enter their preferred Bachelor's Degree programs for further study.

For eligible graduates, available Bachelor's Degree programs are listed below:

We are pleased to announce that a new Bachelor's Degree Program -- Business Administration instructed in English (BBA) is a new option for the Chinese Preparatory Program graduates!  The BBA program is taught in English, so the HSK level is not mandatory for the graduates. But we suggest the graduates who would like to join in the scholarship competition pass HSK tests like others, as the HSK scores play an important part in scholarship assessment.

The availability of Bachelor's Degree programs is subject to change without notice.


Preparatory Language Program: 13000 CNY/Academic Year
Bachelor's Degree Programs: 17000 CNY/Academic Year
Accommodation: twin room 4000 CNY/Academic Year (The dormitory is unavailable during winter and summer vacations for maintenance purposes.)
Mandatory Insurance: 600 CNY/Academic Year
Refundable Dormitory Deposit: 1000 CNY at check-in

Non-refundable Application Fee: 400 CNY, this application fee will offset the 400 CNY accommodation fee for the next academic year once you are admitted and have arrived at NUFE (see the application fee payment tutorial  Application Fee Payment.pdf).

NUFE only charges tuition and accommodation fees. International students also have to afford the costs of textbooks, health checkups, visa applications, and residence permit applications after arrival. Some applicants recommended by NUFE's overseas admission partners may have favorable tuition fee discounts for the one-year preparatory language program. For more information, please consult our overseas admission partners.


The one-year Chinese preparatory language program starts in September 2024 and ends in June 2025. Qualified graduates are allowed to enter their Bachelor's Degree programs which start in September 2025, and some selected graduates will take 2nd-year of language training.

The program consists of two semesters, and each semester lasts 18 weeks. Preparatory students are required to attend 20-25 class hours every week. Major courses include Comprehensive Chinese (6 class hours), Chinese Listening (6 class hours), Chinese Reading and Writing (6 class hours), and HSK Test Enhancement (3 class hours).

For course details, see the course description (partially listed):  Course Descriptions for Chinese Preparatory . For the course calendar, see the sample weekly calendar:  Sample Calendar of Chinese Preparatory Program.pdf.


In June 2025, NUFE will start a comprehensive selection, which reviews graduates' overall performance, including Chinese course results, HSK level, attendance rate, daily conduct, dorm discipline, and interview results.  NUFE will select qualified graduates for Bachelor's Degree programs and confirm tuition and scholarship conditions.


Qualified graduates will be approved to promote to 4-year Bachelor's Degree Programs instructed in Chinese, which are to start in September 2025 and end in June 2029. Several graduates may take the 2nd year language study, and some may finish study and leave NUFE.

For the syllabuses of Bachelor's Degree programs, please check the NUFE Bachelor's Degree Program Syllabuses 2020 (Chinese Version)  2020版培养方案.pdf.  For the requirements for graduation and degree conferment, please check the NUFE Bachelor's Degree Program Graduation Requirements For International Students (Chinese Version) 南京财经大学外国留学生本科生培养方案基本要求.pdf  and the NUFE Bachelor's Degree Conferment Requirements For International Students (Chinese Version)  南京财经大学外国留学生学士学位授予实施细则.pdf.


Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and in good health.
Applicants' passports will not expire in one year.
Applicants have to be less than 24 years old when applying.
Applicants must own a high school diploma or Level-3 (or higher) course certificate under the ISCED 2011 standard of UNESCO.
The average remark of the corresponding study has to be 75 (out of 100) or 3 (out of 4), 3.5 (out of 5), or above.
Applicants must have sufficient financial support for their studies and life in China.


Most international student dorms are suites composed of 2-3 twin rooms on the Xianlin Campus, which means 4-6 students live in a suite (most are 2 twin rooms). Single rooms are not available. All the students who live on campus must obey NUFE's accommodation arrangement. The preparatory program students admitted after June 26 will be housed in triple rooms in the dorms on the Fujianlu Campus. The address of the Fujianlu Campus is Tielubeijie 128, Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province (江苏省南京市鼓楼区铁路北街128号南京财经大学福建路校区). For more details, please check


Based on NUFE's performance-based scholarship system, newly admitted students in the Chinese Preparatory Program must self-support their language study. After the comprehensive selection, they will be eligible to apply for scholarship seats for the first year of study in Bachelor's Degree Programs. Please see for the details of our scholarship system.


Applicants should submit applications and required documents in NUFE's Online Application System. When you start your application in the system, please select "1+4 Preparatory Chinese Language Program" and then choose "1+4 Preparatory Chinese Language Program (Preppy)". NUFE Admission Officers will release admission updates and feedbacks in the system, so we suggest all applicants login the system frequently and follow up updates in time.


1. Passport Personal Information Page.

The expiration date has to be later than June 30, 2025.

2. Highest Diploma / Degree Obtained.

Please submit the highest diploma / degree your have obtained. If you are a graduating student, please add graduating certificate issued by your current school or institution indicating the expected time of graduation.

3. Academic Transcript

The transcript corresponding to your highest diploma / degree. If you are a graduating student, please add the transcript issued by your current school or institution.

4. Curriculum Vitae / Personal Resume

Please design your C.V. in your fashion and include your permanent contact information, education experiences, work/internship experiences, awards and etc.

5. Certificate of No-Criminal Conviction

Non-criminal record issued by local law enforcement authorities.

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Please finish required checkup terms set by the form and have the form stamped by the medical institution. The form template is accessible in the Online Application System.

7. Bank Statement

The balance or deposit should be more than 3,000 USD or equivalence.

8. Achievements, Merits, Awards, or Skill References (If Available)

If you have any previous achievements, awards or skill certificates, please submit them.

9. Foreign Language Certificates (If Available)

If you have taken language tests like HSK, IELTS or TOEFL, please submit your test reports.

10. Guardian Power of Attorney (for Minor Applicants Only)

If you are under 18 years old when applying, please submit the letter issued by your guardians, which appoints an acting guardian in China with their IDs and signatures appended.

11. Study-in-China Relevant Documents (If Available)

If you have any study experience in China, please submit corresponding transcript and graduation certificate issued by the Chinese university or institution.

12. Chinese Visas (If Available)

If you have visited or lived in China, please submit relevant visas or residence permits.

13. Employment Certificate (If Available)

If you have any jobs after graduation, please submit relevant employment certificates.

14. Additional Documents Required for Admissions

Our admission officers may require additional documents if necessary.


The deadline for program applications is June 15, 2024, so please have all the required documents submitted in the system before the deadline.  Early bird admission is scheduled to be released in late January 2024, and the last batch will be released no later than June 30, 2024.


As a secular university, NUFE doesn't permit religious activities on our campus. Halal meals are available in the canteen on the 2nd floor of the Dongyuan Dining Hall.

If you have any archery expertise (Olympic recurve bow, compound bow, or traditional archery), please let our admission officers know.


Contact our admission officers.