International Student Admission

2021 International Student Admission Guide (1+4 Program / Language Program)


1. Available Program

In 2020 Autumn Intake, the 1+4 Program is available, which combines 1-year intensive preparatory Chinese language program and 4-year Bachelor’s Degree programs instructed in Chinese.

This program is designed for overseas high school graduates who would like to learn the Chinese language and a business-related Bachelor's Degree program instructed in Chinese. With the special NUFE Scholarship (conditional tuition fee discount), international students are scheduled to take intensive Chinese training in one academic year and required to pass HSK-4 test. Having passed the inverview and selection organized by NUFE, then qualified students can enter their preferred Bachelor's Degree programs for further studies.

For qualified language program graduates, available Bachelor's Degree programs include International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Tourism Management, Marketing, English, Finance, Accounting, Visual Communication Design, Logistics Management, e-Commerce, French, Advertising, Human Resource Management, Big Data Management and Application, Animation, Environment Design, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, IOT Engineering, Business English, Investment Science, Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Grain Engineering, Applied Chemisty, and Journalism.

The Chinese preparatory language program is scheduled to start in September 2021 and end in next June. Qualified graduates from the program are going to enter their Bachelor’s Degree programs in September 2022.

2. Minimum Application Requirements

Applicant must be non-Chinese and in good health.

Applicant has to be less than 28 years old when apply.

Applicant has to submit high school diploma, Bachelor's Degree or Level-3 (or above) course certificate under ISCED 2011 standard set by UNESCO.

The average remark of corresponding study has to be 75 (out of 100) or 3 (out of 4) or 3.5 (out of 5) or above.

Applicant’s passport will not expire in one year.

Applicant should have sufficient financial support for the study and life in China.

3. Tuition Fee Standard

Application Fee (non-refundable): 400CNY

1+4 Program Tuition (Language Stage): 13000CNY/Academic Year

1+4 Program Tuition (Bachelor's Degree Stage): 17000CNY/Academic Year

Accommodation: 4000CNY/Academic Year

Mandatory Insurance: 600CNY/Academic Year

Refundable Dormitory Deposit: 1000CNY at check-in

NUFE only charges application, tuition and accommodation fees. Other fees are charged by other related organizations. International students also have to afford international mailing, the costs for textbooks, health check, visa application and residence permit application after arrival.

Some applicants recommended by our oversea admission partners may have a favorable tuition fee standard and an application fee waiver. For more information, please consult our oversea admission partners.

4. Scholarship

All the scholarship spots are not open to non-NUFE applicants, as NUFE has an exclusive scholarship system, which is performance-based and reserved to the international students who have been studying at NUFE over 1 year. Therefore, scholarship applications from non-NUFE students will not be reviewed.

5. How-to-Apply

You can turn to franchised local admission partner of NUFE for group application. For independent applicants, please prepare your application package by the following checklist and send to our admission officers via international mail or e-mail.

Application Document Checklist

1. Passport (information page)
Please make sure that there is At least 1 year validity left.
2. Highest Diploma / Degree If it is not printed in English nor Chinese, please notarize and translate it into English or Chinese.
3. Transcript (corresponding to the diploma) If it is not printed in English nor Chinese, please notarize and translate it into English or Chinese.
4. NUFE Application Form  20201109 Application Form 入学申请表.pdf Please  open the form with Acrobat Reader and fill with true and correct information. The blanks with red frame are mandatory fields.
5. Curriculum Vitae or Personal Resume Please include your permanent contact information.
6. 2-inch Colored Bare-headed Photo photo quality over 320*240 pixels and file size between 100-500KB
7. Language Competence Certificate (if available) HSK-Test, IELTS Score, or TOEFL Score
8. Merits and Awards (if available)
9. Related Study-in-China Reference (if available) If you have any experience studying in China, please submit related transcript, certificate or diploma.

Please scan above documents into PDF files and send your application package as attachments via e-mail to

All the original documents are to be verified during registration.

6. Application Deadline

The application for 2021 Autumn Intake is from March 1, 2021 to June 15, 2021.

7. COVID-19 Containment Influence

Due to the global pandemic, one March 28, 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and National Immigration Administration suspended the entry of study visa  and residence permit holders. This travel ban prevented our international students from coming back to China so NUFE has switched to online lecturing for the international students since the spring semester of 2020. Till now most of our international students have been studying online from their homelands.

If the travel ban continues, the 1+4 Program in 2021 will be conducted online too, and the admitted students will only receive Pre-Admission Notice, as NUFE is unable to issue JW-202 Forms when the travel ban is valid, in accordance to the instruction of provincial educational authority. As soon as the travel ban is removed and the JW-202 procedure is resumed by provincial educational authority, NUFE will start to issue JW-202 Forms to admitted students and arrange arrival plan when approved.

Under the global pandemic, the successful implementation of the plan depends on the cooperation of newly-admitted students of NUFE. We advocate a culture of shared responsibility that everyone has to take action not only to protect him/herself but also to protect others. It is the responsibility of every admitted student to take public health measures and personal behavioral modifications, including but not limited to online learning, signing behavioral agreement, getting mandatory quarantined, virus screening, the wearing of masks, physical distancing, keeping hygiene, daily health check, avoiding non-essential trips and campus de-densification. We also suggest every new students saving 4000-7000 CNY deposit (approximately 600-1000USD) for the mandatory quarantine cost when they are allowed to enter China in the future.

8. Admission Contact

Mr. LIU Ning, Senior Admission Officer

Tel.: +86-25-86718742

Working Time: 9:00-11:30 14:00-17:00 (UTC+08:00) Monday to Friday

Address: College of International Education, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, 3 Wenyuan Road, Xianlin College Town, Qixia District, Nanjing, P.R. China. Zip-code:210023

Due to COVID-19 containments measures, face-to-face meeting with the admission officer is unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are applicant and would like to enquire about admission affairs, please feel free to contact

If you have any for admission cooperation proposal, you are more than welcome to contact

9. Admission Status Inquiry

Any applicant whose application is received will be given an unique application number, and his/her admission status will be updated on this webpage.

10. Admission Complaint

If you have any complaint about your admission process, you have the right to complain to the International Office of NUFE (Tel.:86-25-86718737).

11. About the City of Nanjing

Nanjing University of Finance and Economics is located in the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province and metropolis with 8 million population. If you would like to know more about this city, please check municipal official website: .