Program and Course Information

NUFE’s flagship program is the full Gap Year Experience where students balance language acquisition with unforgettable travel experiences. Included trips will bring students to two local cities during the Chinese New Year, as well as, a three-week trip around the interior of China. These trips provide students with the opportunity to see culturally unique sites in China, while also exposing them to various local customs and accents.

Much like the one-year program, the Semester Program combines language learning with travel. Students will obtain a strong command of basic Chinese, serving as a great foundation for future studies. The Semester Program is available for the Fall or Spring, however, most students prefer the Spring over the Fall if they choose the optional trip because the traveling time will fall in June rather than December.

While language acquisition is a priority at NUFE, we understand that students learn best when they are given opportunities to apply the day’s lessons out in the real world. Therefore, classes will to be held in the morning, allowing students time to get out and practice with native speakers.

An average week of classes at NUFE includes 12 hours of courses with the option to add two extra hours studying culture, history, calligraphy, or just one-on-one practice. Qualified Chinese Second Language professors who are fluent in English will teach the major classes, optional classes will be taught by professors of different studies as well as post-graduate students. For students looking to get even more out of their Chinese studies, however, there are plenty of clubs and other after school activities to get involved in, make some new friends, and practice Chinese.


Class Schedule

Weekday 9:00-11:00AM 11:10-12:00 12:00-2:00pm 2:00-3:00pm
Monday Critical Chinese Study Daily Oral Chinese Lunch  
Tuesday Critical Chinese Study Daily Oral Chinese Lunch Optional Class
Wednesday Critical Chinese Study Daily Oral Chinese Lunch Optional Class
Thursday Critical Chinese Study Daily Oral Chinese Lunch  
Friday Off Off Off Off

A brief summary of each class can be found below:

Critical Chinese Study:

In the morning classes, students will be introduced to new vocabulary, grammar structures, and pronunciation. This is the time for students to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese language. Classes will be lively with discussions and activities.

Daily Oral Chinese:

This class will provide students with opportunities to put their textbook learning into action. Whether it is new grammar, vocabulary, or phrases the Daily Oral Chinese class will help students in their day-to-day interactions while living in China. Topics for Daily Oral Chinese will cover a wide variety of areas including:

Food descriptions
Giving and receiving directions
Getting a haircut
Bargaining & negotiating
Functioning in different social environments

Optional Chinese Culture Class:

Optional classes provided at NUFE will explore interesting and practical knowledge of Chinese culture. These interactive lessons cover a wide range of topics that are taught by professors of different studies at the school. While these classes are optional, they will offer an opportunity to develop critical language skills, deepen cultural understanding, and expose students to the traditional Chinese lifestyle.

Some examples of class topics include:

Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Tea Culture
Chinese Idioms
Doing Business in China
Chinese Movies & TV
Historical figures of China.