Introduction to Chinese Language & Cultural Exchange Program

The Chinese Language & Cultural Exchange Program at Nanjing University of Finance & Economics offers students a fantastic opportunity to learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture & life.

NUFE believes that excessive time should not be spent solely in the classroom at school, but out in the classroom of China. Whether it is one of our weekend trips to the historical sites in Nanjing, or just teaching critical words for getting around the city, one of NUFE’s core beliefs is creating a balance between necessary textbook learning and critical daily life experiences.  

For more details, please download and browse the following files which elaborate more on the program:

Introductory Pamphlet: This document serves as a basic introduction to NUFE and the Chinese Language and Cultural Exchange Program.

HSK Exam: China's only standardized test of standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers.

Internship Program: Students can select pre-existing internships which are suited to their abilities.

Further Links:

Program and Course Information

Welcome Week