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    The university has more than 20 institutions for academic and scientific research, such as China Grain Circulation Management Training Center, Research Center for Grain and Oil Quality Testing Technology of State Grain Administration, Jiangsu Industrial Development Research Institute, Institute of Food Economics, Nanjing Metropolitan Circle Development Research Center, etc. Moreover, the university boasts various social service institutions, such as Manager College, Jiangsu Finance and Tax Cadres Training Center, Advertising Design Firm, Service Department for Scientific and Technological Development. The academic and scientific research institutions have greatly promoted the overall research level and academic atmosphere. In 2001, the university was listed by State Economic and Trade Committee as the first batch of 56 universities qualified for business management training during the tenth Five-year Plan Period. In recent years, NUFE has undertaken over 100 research and consulting programs for State Economic and Trade Committee, Ministry of Finance, State Grain Administration, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Nanjing Municipal Government and various enterprises and institutions, and has trained more than 7,000 cadres. Engineering majors of NUFE has accelerated their pace to combine production, teaching and research, with over 30 research results being transferred to related enterprises, achieving extraordinary economic and social effects.

    In recent years, the university has undertaken more than 400 scientific programs of state or provincial levels, and won over 150 excellent teaching and research result awards of state or provincial levels. Moreover, NUFE has successfully hosted many international and national symposiums. The periodical published by NUFE, Industrial Economy Research is the first professional academic periodical on industrial economy, and it is listed as the original periodical of CSSCI. The Nanjing University of Finance and Economics Journal is listed as Chinese humanities and social science core journal, national excellent journal and top-level journal of Jiangsu Province.