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Checklist for 2017 Freshmen

Checklist for 2017 Freshmen

1. Airport Pick-up
Suggested arrival time is Sep 13, 14 and 15. NUFE will arrange shuttle bus in the evening or based on the flight information we get on the three days at Lukou Airport. If there are less than 5 students arrive on a day, shuttle bus will be canceled.
You could arrive at NUFE by taking taxi (Less than 200 CNY).
You could also arrive at NUFE by Metro (around 10 CNY): taking Line S1 from Lukou Airport to South Nanjing Railway Station and then transferring to Line 3 to Daxinggong Station and then transferring to Line 2 to Xianlinzhongxin Station. Then take a 20 minutes’ walk to the university.

2. Temporary Residence Registration
Note: Please do it within 24 hours after you enter China and you will receive a registration certificate, which is required when you apply for Resident Permit.

3. Dorm Check-in on Arrival
Dorm address: Bd. 3, Postgraduate Dormitory, 3 Wenyuan Rd., Xianlin College Town, Nanjing
Please do the following things upon your arrival.
3.1 Get room keys based on the dorm arrangements. You may check dorm arrangements from our webpage in early July.
3.2 Get NUFE T-shirt (for free)
3.3 Get Campus Card
3.4 Pay for the bedding package if you need. (Around 400 CNY)
3.5 Get the international student handbook. Please read it carefully and sign on the Declaration Page. Your tutor will collect it later.

4. Campus issues
Tutors and volunteers will wait for freshmen before the dorm building at 2:00pm on Sep 13 and 14.
4.1 SIM Card Purchase
4.2 Internet Service Purchase
4.3 Teaching materials if you need
You may buy the teaching materials from Office 1416 (400 CNY) or buy the teaching materials by yourself. Note: CLP program students have different courses so that you could wait to see whether to buy a book or copy one by following your teachers’ suggestion.
4.4 ICBC bank card (to receive fees from parents and pay tuition)

5. Health-Check (On 19th, Tuesday)
5.1 Students will take health check on Sep 19. There will be a shuttle bus waiting downstairs. Please make sure you could meet your tutor downstairs at 7:00 am.
5.2 DO NOT EAT BEFORE THE HEALTH-CHECK. You could prepare some cookies and eat breakfast after you finish the health-check.
5.3 Take your passport, 2 photos (size: 2 inches), 500 CNY and your previous Health-Check report (if you have).

6. Orientation
Time: Pending Sep. 19
Place: Pending

7. Residence permit
NUFE will organize you to apply for Residence Permit in Visa Office of Nanjing Police Department within one month after your arrival.

8. Tuition
You are suggested to pay through POS in Office 1416, Admin Bd. before Sep. 30th. (ICBC card or other bank card issued in China)

This arrival arrangement may get updated so please stay tuned for latest updates.