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Vice-President Xu Chengming meets Saint Joseph's College Delegation


On January 8th , Vice-President Xu Chengming meets President C. Kevin Gillespie, Vice-President M.Anderson, Chinese Project director Mary Ann Cloney and Chinese Project Executive Ming Wei from SaintJoseph's College in the meeting room of the administrative building on Xianlin Campus.

Vice-President Xu expresses sincere welcome to Gillespie delegation, and states that the cooperation between NJUE and Saint Joseph's College develops stably, expecting to further the integration.

President C. Kevin Gillespie thanks for the warm reception and praise that the high-quality students from NJUE perform excellently, expressing his high expectations for Chinese students.Soon afterwards the two sides conduct in-depth discussions on the specific details of cooperation and reach consensus.

The attendees include Prof. Yan Haifeng, the dean of the school of Finance, Prof. Qiao Jun, the dean of the school of marketing and logistics management, Prof. Chen Liang, the vice president of Hongshan College and Prof. Qiu Weifen, the head of International cooperation and exchange office, etc.